IFS Construction Kit
IFS Construction Kit can be used to design and draw fractals based on iterated function systems. The program consists of three main windows. The IFS Window is where you can see and edit the code for the transformations that comprise the IFS. This window also shows the scale used in the other two windows. The Design window shows the effects of the transformations on an initial polygon. You can translate, scale, rotate, stretch, or shear transformations using the mouse, keyboard, or through a dialog box. This provides a way to define or modify transformations without having to enter the numbers in the IFS window. If you display the Preview window (from the Design menu), you can get immediate feedback on how the fractal changes as you modify the transformation. The Fractal window is where you draw the fractal obtained by iterating the transformations in the IFS, either by using the Random Algorithm or the Deterministic Algorithm.

This software is offered "as is" and may be freely used. Copyright is maintained by Larry Riddle. Suggestions and comments to improve the program are always welcomed. So are bug reports. If you do something interesting with this program, please let me know.

Also see my web site on Classic Iterated Function Systems.