AP Calculus Documents

  1. Some Remarks about 2003 AB6 (with Jim Hartman), written for AP Central, June 2003 (Now called "Differentiation of Piecewise Defined Functions" at AP Central in the Classroom Resources section)
  2. Life Beyond Separable Differential Equations
    Rice University Advanced Placement Summer Institute 2006
  3. Numerical Integration Techniques
    Rice University Advanced Placement Summer Institute 2006
  4. Approximations in AP Calculus AP Annual Conference, Orlando, Florida, July 14, 2006
  5. The Domain of Solutions to Differential Equations, written for AP Central, October 2006
  6. Applications of Series to Differential Equations, AP Annual Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, July 13, 2007
  7. Winplot commands for drawing solutions to differential equations
  8. Approximating the Sum of a Convergent Series
  9. The Pond from 2008 AB1/BC1
  10. A Calculus Student Reads the Newspaper, written for AP Central, March 2008
  11. Calculus in the News: examples of newspaper headlines, articles, and comics illustrating first and second derivative concepts