How to ...

  1. Choose a Fractal
  2. Draw using Random Algorithm
  3. Draw using Deterministic Algorithm
  4. Load or Paste an Image as an Initial Set
  5. Use a Background Image in the Fractal Window
  6. Trace an Orbit
  7. Create/Modify a Design
  8. Draw an Initial Polygon
  9. Create a Line Fractal Design
  10. Create a Box Fractal Design
  11. Create a Triangle Fractal Design
  12. Create an Irregular Sierpinski Triangle Design
  13. Create a Fractal Tiling Design
  14. Create a Design derived from a Complex Base
  15. Create a Symmetric Binary Tree
  16. Create a Pythagorean Tree
  17. Tile the Plane
  18. Create a Chaos Game Design
  19. Change Colors
  20. Use Color Stealing
  21. Add a Comment
  22. Play the Sierpinski Triangle Game
  23. Create a Fractal Movie
  24. Create a Fractal Transformation Movie
  25. Create a Deterministic Fractal Movie
  26. Use the Fractal Movie Viewer
  27. Double click an IFS File to Start the Program