Edit Menu

Undo (Ctrl-Z)

Use this to undo the effects of some other commands. The menu will change to reflect what command will be undone. In some cases, the menu will allow you to redo a command.

Copy (Ctrl-C)

Copies images to the clipboard from the Fractal or Design window, depending on which is the active window. To copy only part of an image in the Fractal window, use the mouse to first draw a selection rectangle.

Paste (Ctrl-V)

Paste an image on the clipboard to the Fractal or Design window, depending on which is the active window. The image is centered in the window. If the image is larger than the window, it is scaled to fit. The image will be centered in the window and surrounded by a border of dashed lines. By clicking on the image and holding down the left mouse button, you can reposition the image to where you want it. Click anywhere in the window outside the image, or press the Esc key, to permanently position the image in its current location. The dashed border will vanish. Other actions, such as starting to draw the fractal, will also automatically lock the image into position.

Paste Fractal Background (Ctrl-B)

(Only available when the fractal window is the active window.)
In the deterministic drawing mode, Ctrl-V will paste an image on the clipboard as the initial set. Use Ctrl-B to page the image as a background image (this only works if an image is not already being used as an initial set). For the random drawing mode, Ctrl-V and Ctrl-B are equivalent.

Show Tool Tips

Check this to show the tool tips for the main toolbar and the toolbars in the fractal and design windows. Uncheck to hide those tool tips. This setting will be saved in the ini file.